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Stand Out from the Crowd with
Job Search Letters For DummiesŪ

Despite predictions for increased economic growth in the United States, unemployment rates remain high in 2013. To make things worse, the number of applicants for available jobs is steadily increasing. Effective communication, especially knowledge of mobile search in a smartphone world and a savvy way with social media messaging, are now urgent skills for landing a job and career advancement.

In her latest book, Job Search Letters For Dummies (Wiley, 978-1-118-43641-7, July 2013), bestselling author and nationally syndicated careers columnist Joyce Lain Kennedy gives you the tools, advice and sample letters you need to take advantage of your innate and learned communication skills, strengthen your presentations, and get the job you want.

The book provides cutting edge information, including:

- Rules for communicating professionally with letters, email, notes, memos, texts, and other docs
- Solid tips to network on social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
- Fresh phrases to voice accomplishments and make job-fit statements
- After-interview action, self-marketing letters, profiles, online work portfolios, prezis
- Great advice from more than 42 professional job writers and 14 career gurus
- "Hire me" reinforcement messages and interest revival queries
- Effective strategies for internal career communications on topics such as raises, promotions, and lateral position changes.

The groundbreaking book includes more than 200 sample job letters that illustrate what a modern, communications-supported job search looks like.