Resumes For Dummies 6th Edition
Whoopee! The 6th Edition of
has arrived!

Now in bookstores everywhere,
Number 6 is available on multiple
platforms — including paper.

Maybe you feel the job market
shaking under your feet. Want help
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Hello 6th Edition!
It’s easily the most
breaking-news resume book
in civilization. Researched.
Retooled. Rewarding.
No kidding.

A year in the making, the 6th Edition
speaks easy language to help you
get the hang of using social media
and other hot Web tools. Its pages
also simplify portable job search
via smartphones, tablets, and apps.

You probably already realize that the
old one-size-fits-all resume model is in
history’s closet, But you also know
that creating a custom resume for each
job you want is a time vampire.

That’s why the 6th Edition reveals a
modern time-saving technique to whip out
Plug-and-Play custom resumes
in minutes — not hours!

And, the best news: The 6th Edition rests
atop a solid powerhouse of wisdom acquired
over four decades from the best brains in
the career management industry.

Make this powerhouse of wisdom
energized by new technology
work for you!


Grab Resumes For Dummies, 6th Edition from your
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